Deliver exceptional customer experience via Whatsapp Business, Online-chat, Instagram Direct and other messaging channels
Conversation cloud for E-commerce Customer Communications
If done the right way, digital conversations with your customers leads to an amazing results.
But at scale hidden issues might occur falling everything apart:
So here is our vision for a perfect customer experience in text-channels:
long-time waiting for a respond or even lost dialogs
Increasing costs and failures when scaling
Poor automation that only frustrate your customers
Lack of meaningful workflows that leads to failures in conversation management
connected with your store's CRM, e-commerce platform and other IT-solutions
They are great for a tasks like
"order exchange/refund", "rewards & loyalty" and other E-commerce needs.
that doesn't get clients pissed off
it trained on >100 000 real E-commerce dialogs and able to automate conversations in a smart way
With built-in flawless workflows
Informative control panel for supervisor
Intuitive sales and support tools for live agents
find out how it saves your money
explore how platform
handle >100 000 dialogs per month
combining together these leads to:
We are not gonna leave you alone!
Sounds great, but a bit complex?
You don't need to extensively learn a new technical solution. You don't even need to tell us what to do! Our experts have launched dozens of E-commerce conversational projects.
Revenue growth! Because messengers will turn into real full-scale sales-channels
Lowering your costs at CX dept, due to a growing automation level
Higher CSAT
(Customer Satisfaction)
book a demo and we will:
make a brief interview and prepare a roadmap for your specific business
show you key
and all the possible applications of the platform
when you are ready to start:
connect and adjust chat-AI
tune in IVR-bot
connect your messaging channels
create agent accounts
You will get full our support to go live superfast!
Let us show you the basics and it all yours!
Love doing all by yourself?